Our Society is organized exclusively to empower conservators to rebuild, enhance, maintain, and protect the former D&RGWRR narrow-gauge class C-16 locomotives and related equipment. By enabling museum quality equipment from 140 years ago to be displayed and operated, we provide education to future generations and the opportunity to experience these locomotives in their historical communities of commerce in Colorado and New Mexico. We will help conservators and historians build public support and funding to maintain this equipment into the future.


The Baldwin Branch July 4, 1940
Locomotive #223 pulling #278 pushing
27 car train - photo Otto Perry

Board of Directors


Jimmy Booth - President
Ray Bjerrum - Treasurer
Leighton Moreland - Secretary
Bill Boller - Director
Stephan Peck - Director

The C16 Society is a State of Colorado non-profit corporation, founded and incorporated in November 2022. The Society has been granted a 501(c)3 exemption from the Internal Revenue Service as a qualifing nonprofit corporation.